Connexi is the data-driven global sponsorship marketplace that connects Brands, Rights Holders and Agencies

Rory Stewart-Richardson


“Connexi offers brands, agencies and rights holders a time efficient, data-driven process to find the most commercially relevant partnerships in the market, and by partnering with SMG we can dive a lot deeper into audience data than ever before.”

"Connexi makes it so much easier to connect Brands and relevant sponsorships together. Exactly what the market needs right now."

Jonathan Durden


"This is an area of sponsorship that Brands, Rights Holders and Agencies have found deeply frustrating & time-consuming for years. Connexi is the solution."

Tim Crow

Equity Share Advisor

"Connexi are a company that provides a great service, bringing businesses together with the goal of creating fantastic sponsorship deals for all. I see them as a business with terrific potential and I am delighted to become part of the company. What Rory has built is very strong and I can only see Connexi progressing."

Sree Varma

Equity Share Advisor

"Connexi provides a much needed data driven platform to match brands perfectly with sponsorship rights holders . This presents a terrific opportunity to build strategically aligned commercial partnerships from the principle of a deeper, more relevant connection with fans."

Malcolm Cox

Equity Share Advisor

"For me Connexi could represent a coming of age moment for sponsorship. In a world where every brand's media investments are quite rightly being put under the microscope, it's time that we really delved into the metrics that matter before major investment decisions are made, and sponsorship is no different. By bringing new data points into the mix, Connexi are perfectly positioned to bring clarity to the process, helping brands and agencies make the right sponsorship choices for the right reasons, based on data, insight and smart metrics overcoming supposition, assumptions or inherent bias."

Dan Cresta

Equity Share Advisor

SMG Insight - Exclusive Insight Partner

SMG Insight is the sports, sponsorship and entertainment research arm of YouGov.

It combines YouGov’s powerful data-gathering capabilities with deep sectoral expertise and has a hard-earned reputation for providing clients with actionable insights which go beyond the numbers.

SMG Insight works with Rights Holders, brands and agencies and uses proprietary tools to help create winning sports and entertainment marketing strategies. Its client roster stretches across the world and includes everyone from the NFL, through Emirates and Rolex, to The FA and the ATP. The team specialises in finding optimal sponsorship matches, assessing the effectiveness of partnerships and delivering best-in-class marketing strategies.

SMG Insight collects data on public perceptions of sports properties and teams from around the world every single day and its tools allow Rights Holders and sponsors to constantly assess performance, partnerships and strategies.